I first saw Melanie in 2005 for headaches.  I had seen other Acupuncturists and tried natural medicine, with no luck.  Melanie was different.  She is patient, kind, knowledgable, and has a quiet strength that was very reassuring.  I finally got rid of my headaches, and continued seeing Melanie for years, so did several of my family members.  She is simply amazing and skilled.  Highly, highly recommend. S.P., 2010

"I'm a new mom and am so grateful that Melanie comes to my house. I felt awful after my baby, sad, angry, I had insomnia and thought I was crazy.  Melanie helped me SO much! She helped me change my diet (goodbye ice cream) and her acupuncture really relaxed me and I started feeling like myself again.  She always gives extra guidance before she leaves, whether it's yoga, a diet change or addition, or a great piece of advice. She knows what she's doing.  Thank you Melanie.  You helped me so much when I felt so hopeless.  A.G. 2015

I was a skeptic, and don't like needles, but my back really hurt and I wanted to ride again. On the recommendation of a friend, I saw Melanie. I was pleasantly surprised that the needles didn't hurt, I actually fell asleep. My back was so much better after two sessions. Pretty sure I was sleeping better and had more energy too. She showed me yoga poses to do at home. I'll be a regular since I'm always getting injured.  M.S. 2012